Idiopathic Epilepsy treatment in canine puppy using Acupuncture, Stiper and Chinese Herbal Medicine

The owner of a German Shepherd dog, female, five months old looked for ReabiVet – Animal Rehabilitation, in Campinas city, São Paulo State, Brazil, complaining about generalized seizures, in November 2011.

The seizure is the clinical picture of crises triggered by uncontrolled electrical discharges and transient neurons in the brain, called focus, leading to altered consciousness, motor activity, visceral functions, sensory perception, behavior and memory. It is a sudden event, the intra or extracranial etiology with a wide variety of clinical manifestations
and intensity.


Name of Author (s): Cristiane L. F. de Toledo; Iolanda Bettencourt; Mariara Dias; Renata Serafim, Roberta Porto Guidi (Brazil)
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The crisis began when the animal was 3 months old. It presented focal and tonic-clonic seizures. The amount of episodes was an average of 15 attacks a day, and some of them lasting twenty minutes each. It even had a focal seizure in the exact moment of the appointment. When she arrived, she had a high dose of phenobarbital with little control.



Normal conscience level, as well as the cranial and spinal nerves reflexes. Serology tests for distemper, inflammatory, infectious disease and MRI were performed. All results were normal. The animal was treated with steroids and progressive doses of phenobarbital from 3 months old, with no improvement. Chinese Medicine examination: weak and rapid pulse, red tongue without coating. It showed peaks of anxiety in some hours of the day and dry nose.



Idiopathic epilepsy. Tradicional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis:
Kidney Jing deficiency.



Fifteen acupuncture treatments were performed at a frequency of once or twice per week, with dry needle for 20 min and Stiper® in acupuncture points. Some of the acupuncture points used were: R 3, B 23, VG 20, E 36, BP 6, VB 20, C7, an shen, B 53, VG 4.

Stiper® is a form of permanent acupuncture and consists of pellets with silicon crystal with function of energy modulator. The pads where glued, like Cyanoacrylate, in the following acupuncture points: R 3, 23 B, 20 VG, VB 20, C 7, an shen, VG 4, F 3 and they were left there until the next session of the animal, when they were then replaced with new pads. The hair is removed and the Stiper® pads are glued directly on the animal skin and this type of glue hardly causes any allergic reaction on the skin.

Added to this, the animal took orally and in distinct phases the following compounds of Chinese Herbal Medicine:  Gui Lu Er Xiang Jiao, Tian Ma Gou, Ding Xian Wan and Corydalis Rhizoma. After the third session of acupuncture and Stiper®, the animal decreased the number of seizures by fifty percent, and after the sixth session the animal had no further seizures.



Return in January 2014: the animal takes low doses of phenobarbital (50 mg in the morning, and 75 mg in the evening, 30 kg weight).

Even if the animal is still taking allopathic medication, are taking low dose for their weight. Moreover, we know that it is very difficult to remove all medication. Finally, for the owner, the most important for him is his pet to not have seizures anymore or have a significant decline and the same animal, this translates into a great comfort and quality of life. This patient has never had seizures anymore, demonstrating the effect of the TCM in cases of idiophatic epilepsy in canine puppies, when treated early.


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